Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Neutral session

Put in a half hour session last night, and i'll chalk that one up to purely bonus clearing. It took me 20 minutes of those 30 just to find two decent $2/4 tables. The rest were full of TAGs which was quite painful.

By the time I had to quit though I only had one juicy table left. Still .. disappointing to have to quit a very fishy table, but I had to go.

Ended up basically even for the session, but cleared another 40 points of the 300 required from Party to release my $100 bonus. With any luck i'll do the last 80 or so points tonight to release the whole bonus.

I might end up doing the PSO deal for Ultimate Bet next (refer PSO link on the right!). Not sure. Will wait and see.

Current Bankroll: $10,900

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