Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The best laid plans ...

Well, I should be off on holidays now, but my girlfriend is too sick to fly with an ear infection.

What does that mean for my poker ... well i'll probably get in a few hours, but as soon as she's okay we'll take off.

Anyways, since I dont know exactly when i'm going I wont start any new deals. So I will do a bit of Cake and Bodog to clear their reloads, and maybe a bit of fulltilt for pure rackback, as well as getting around to William Hill sooner or later for the 5 hours that I must do there every month.

So in about 2 hours since my last post i've made about 25BBs on Cake $2/4 tables. The rest are fairly neutral.

Current Bankroll: $11,550

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