Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting chilly

Another horror session ... for about an hour I managed to play a few tables, one juicy $2/4, one $3/6 and a couple at $1/2.

For the $2/4 table I won 1 hand out of 42 ... the one winning hand worth about 3BBs. On the $3/6 table I won a total of 2 hands out of 67, one of which was when I was in the BB and everyone folded and the other was a somewhat tilty luck box from me. The main problem was that I did have some quite decent starting hands - just everything whiffed .. and when I did hit my AK with an A on the flop, my fishy mate showed down A6 or worse twice, but hit his 6 on the river.

The only plus side was the $1/2 tables won me about 25BBs, and I also managed to find a decent Cake $3/6 table where I won another 10BBs in the space of 3 minutes before the table broke up.

Surely my cold run must be due for a break??

Also received in my email another Party reload ... whats that ... 2 within a week? Anyways its 3X again so I will do that one asap.

For interest here's the one hand that I managed to win:

xjc050217: Post SB $1.50
wimpelhuber: Post BB $3.00
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Hero [S5 S4] (yep .. pretty average .. might be worth an overlimp if someone limps in)
AlexKG: Fold
LD182: Fold
Hero: Raise (NF) $6.00 (a somewhat tilty steal attempt from the CO. The two fish of the table were on my right so I was hoping to actually take the pot here)
Rhin1: Fold
xjc050217: Call $4.50 (damn)
wimpelhuber: Fold
*** FLOP *** [CQ S6 S2] (well, at least I now have a flush draw)
xjc050217: Bet $3.00 (donk eh? hmmm)
Hero: Call $3.00 (i think i should actually raise here, but got confused by the donk. maybe he has a pair of 6s? He might have folded to a raise. surely he'd c/r a Q?)
*** TURN *** [C2]
xjc050217: Bet $6.00 (hmmm .. he's still betting .. i hope my flush card hits)
Hero: Call $6.00
*** RIVER *** [S3] (well thats about my 3rd straight flush ever ... miracle for this session where I havent hit a draw yet)
xjc050217: Bet $6.00 (good .. maybe he does have top pair?)
Hero: Raise (NF) $12.00
xjc050217: Fold (guess not)
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $48.75 Rake $2.25
Hero: wins $48.75

Current Bankroll: $10,750

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