Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cake payin me back quickly

At least i'm making up some more of my losses on Cake.

The $2/4 and $3/6 tables there donated another 30 or so BBs in total within a couple hours, so i'm gradually clawing my way back up.

Not a hugely interesting session though. I was hitting my cards reasonably often, but probably not more than my fair share. Had a fairly cool run on one table where my VPIP was down to 15% over 100 hands. I still actually ended even on the table though which is quite handy, so would have cleared a bit of bonus and earned some rakeback there as well at worst.

Also upgraded my Pokertracker so microgaming is now importing correctly again. Havent actually played there apart from one orbit though.

Probably wont get much in on the weekend and i'm going away for most of next week, so there wont be too much pokers.

Well at least i'm back up over the $11k mark, and only $100 short of my peak which I dramatically fell off only a few days ago.

Good luck all. Will write again after the weekend.

Current bankroll: $11,250

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