Thursday, August 21, 2008

Next bonus

Thanks to the blindman, i've taken up the ultimate bet free money bonus as my next bonus to clear. Cheers mate.

(Refer my link to PSO on the right if anyone else is interested)

Actually looks like a reasonable bonus of around 8BB/100 or so at the $1/2 level. 375 points for $125 from PSO plus a few $ earned from the ultimate bet sign up bonus. I guess i'm not really concerned about the super user scandal there given the low levels that i'll be playing at, as well as the fact i'm playing limit poker. However, I will be cashing out the instant the bonus is cleared and confirmed.

A couple small issues so far - one, the lack of tables that are running. I've only seen one $1/2 table running (that is not a jackpot table). That one was pretty fishy though so it has potential, particularly given I dont need to actually earn that many points to clear the bonus. Issue #2 was when I did open a new table, my pokertracker refused to import the hand histories whilst UB was open. Kind of a bizarre problem, given the first table imported no worries. Weird.

So far on there i'm down about 5BBs and have earned maybe 60 UB points. Should have been up but lost a couple nasty rivers when my AK v A4 and then the second time with AQs v A6 on a A high flops. The first time in a 8 BB pot the river was a 4. The second time in a 12BB pot the river was a 6. Go figure ....

I also realised last night I still had $10 left to clear on my last Cake poker reload which I deposited months ago. Pulled up a couple $2/4 tables, which were nice and fishy and gave me a quick 10BBs in 20 minutes. Also sat on the waiting list of a very juicy $3/6 table, but didn't get to actually join the table before I quit.

Current Bankroll: $10,800


The blindman said...

Thanks mate. To be honest, I think it's pretty unlikely that any cheating is still going on at UB. The fact that the problem is known and in the open means it is almost certainly fixed. The danger now would be the company going under as a result of civil action or seizure of assets as a consequence of the scandal. But I still regard it as low risk for my tiny deposit.

One thing I do like about UB is the micro table format (a wide and short rectangle with the players all in a row with you in the left corner).

Question for you bort: When you sign up for the Gnuf bonus at PSO, do you enter your ID number or your Microgaming alias?

parttimebonuschaser said...

I can't remember for sure what I entered in PSO as my gnuf reference.

However, in my PSO history it has my alias as my username so I suspect it was my microgaming alias.

You could just check with them in live chat. they'll soon tell ya.