Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cake reload

I dunno, it seems cake have me set up on some sort of deal where they make a new reload offer every time I clear the last bonus. I think I received my email within about 8 hours of clearing my last bonus $. The other good thing is they give you 3 months to clear it and it releases in $10 blocks.

Guess i cant really complain - cheers cake :)

And if anyone is thinking of signing up there, i'd recommend going through raketherake for the additional freeroll as well as rakeback and sign up bonus. As always hit the link on the right!

Its often a quite fishy site, mainly due to the fact that Pokertracker is not allowed. I have to rely on my own notes and reads there. Has been quite profitable though!

Will post again after the weekend. Good luck all.


The blindman said...

What sort of reloads do they offer?

parttimebonuschaser said...

sorry mate, missed your question here before

usually 20% up to $100.

clears at effectively about 60% including the rakeback as well I believe. generally pretty fishy too.