Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Winning 100BBs in two hours

Kinda sux that it wasn't at $3/6 .. but a mixture of $2/4 and $1/2 .. but anyways...

Was playing my Everest bonus as I have just signed up there as well as a bit of bodog $1/2 and a few hands of $4/8 but the juicy tables kept breaking up. Boy are there some fish on Everest!! I think in my 350 hands so far i'm running at a super hot 18BB/100 ... I didn't actually play any different from my previous session, just instead of missing every flop and getting sucked out on, my hands actually held up, and I even hit a draw or 2.

Anyways. Here's an example of some of the opponents on Everest:

Hero in co Card dealt to a spot Th8h
Hero raise $8
NORAA call $6
chiapas call $4

Flop: AcQs8s .... hmmm might bet out to see if i can steal this one although not the nicest of flops

NORAA check
chiapas check
Hero raise $4

NORAA call (damn .. well might try to show this down cheap now. wont fire another bullet on that board with him calling and not closing the action)
chiapas fold (well at least one out)

Turn: 2c

NORAA check
Hero check (dont want to get check raised here. do want to showdown my pair)

River: Ad (hmm maybe my pair is good)

NORAA check
Hero check

NORAA shows AQ for a full house .... (way to get value out of that!!!)

Current Bankroll: $11,100

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