Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crawling back up

Got in a half hour session, with the first 10 minutes clearing my last $10 of my William Hill monthly bonus as well as making a tidy 15BB profit. I still believe that is one of the best bonuses going around particularly for people who dont mind playing $1/2 limit (as i've been discussing with The Blindman). So I highly recommend everyone sign up for William Hill and play that bonus every month - using my link on the right of course ... :)

You could simply 5 table for one hour and clear $50 in bonus as well as receive about $10 - 15 in rakeback on the $1/2 tables. Simple as that.

Anyways, also played a bit on the $2/4 tables on microgaming, but basically ended where I started. All in all made around $50 for the session which isn't too bad, and i'm slowly creeping back up towards my peak from last month.

Also got an email from party poker for a reload of 20% to a max of $100. Checking the fine print it clears at a super quick 3 party points per $. I can't see myself not taking this one up! Its about time party gave me a decent bonus though - i've usually been getting 8x one's which aren't worth doing. I do appreciate when they give me the free money bonuses though ... so keep them coming please party.

A couple hands from my session:

Hand 1

** Ingenvinus [Hold 'em] (2.00/4.00 Fixed - $ Cash Game) Real Money
- hero sitting in seat 1 with $686.72
- Raigor sitting in seat 2 with $183.66 (aggro fish pre flop)
- errabundo sitting in seat 3 with $19.00
- TenGrand sitting in seat 4 with $193.40 [Dealer]
- DJQuick3 sitting in seat 5 with $131.82 (aggro fish i think)
DJQuick3 posted the small blind - $1.00
hero posted the big blind - $2.00
** Dealing card to hero: Q of s, 10 of c (hmm not the best)
Raigor raised - $4.00
errabundo called - $4.00
TenGrand folded
DJQuick3 called - $4.00
hero called - $4.00 (already 3 handed and i'm closing the action for only half a bet)
** Dealing the flop: 6 of c, Q of c, 7 of c (top pair, 4th nut flush draw actually looks okay to me)
DJQuick3 checked
hero bet - $2.00 (lets donk and see where I stand if mytop pair is good enough)
Raigor called - $2.00 (hmm open raiser just called .. interesting ... wonder if he clean missed the flop .. or has 88 to TT? Probably doesnt have a high club)
errabundo raised - $4.00 (hmm the overcaller preflop reraises ... weird ... maybe top pair as well? hopefully a weaker kicker. Maybe he has the flush? might be ugly if he has trips, but in that case i have the flush draw still)
DJQuick3 folded
hero raised - $6.00 (lets try to push out the open raiser who could also have something like AK)
Raigor folded (cheers)
errabundo called - $6.00 (hmm no reraise)
** Dealing the turn: 9 of s
hero bet - $4.00 (might bet/fold here)
errabundo called - $4.00
** Dealing the river: 3 of c (okay i've hit my flush .. surely he would have raised the turn if he had a big flush card?)
hero bet - $4.00 (might throw out a bet here, although this might be another one of those where I only get called when i am beat. He might call with trips though .. or two pair)
errabundo called - $4.00
hero shows: Q of s, 10 of c
errabundo mucks: K of h, Q of h (hmmm top pair .. that was my original thought ... its nice to outdraw someone once in a while)
hero wins $43.70 from the main pot

Hand 2:

** Ingenvinus [Hold 'em] (2.00/4.00 Fixed - $ Cash Game) Real Money
- hero sitting in seat 1 with $676.12 [Dealer]
- Raigor sitting in seat 2 with $208.31
- errabundo sitting in seat 3 with $38.05
- TenGrand sitting in seat 4 with $199.40
- DJQuick3 sitting in seat 5 with $100.82
Raigor posted the small blind - $1.00
errabundo posted the big blind - $2.00
** Dealing card to hero: K of h, J of s (not bad)
TenGrand folded
DJQuick3 folded
hero raised - $4.00 (easy steal raise from the button)
Raigor called - $4.00 (this guy has called most raises from the SB .. vpip 80%
errabundo called - $4.00 (also has proven to be a bit fishy)
** Dealing the flop: 2 of d, 5 of h, A of s (not the best flop for me at all. dont really like the ace
Raigor checked
errabundo checked
hero bet - $2.00 (2 checks to me, definitly cbetting)
Raigor folded (good)
errabundo called - $2.00 (doh)
** Dealing the turn: 9 of c (thats fairly blank)
errabundo checked (hmm he's showing weakness again)
hero bet - $4.00 (always cbetting here again from position)
errabundo folded (cbets do work sometimes!)
hero mucks:
hero wins $19.20 from the main pot

Hand 3:

** Ingenvinus [Hold 'em] (2.004.00 Fixed - $ Cash Game) Real Money
- hero sitting in seat 1 with $722.02
- Raigor sitting in seat 2 with $191.81
- errabundo sitting in seat 3 with $38.00
- TenGrand sitting in seat 4 with $222.40
- biiarne sitting in seat 5 with $104.90
- Biolan sitting in seat 6 with $449.48 [Dealer]
hero posted the small blind - $1.00
Raigor posted the big blind - $2.00
** Dealing card to hero: J of s, Q of s (not bad)
errabundo folded
TenGrand folded
biiarne folded
Biolan folded
hero raised - $4.00 (always stealing with this hand in the SB .. and a LOT trashier hands as well)
Raigor called - $4.00 (he folded to my last steal, but didnt fold a lot. also called with 85o earlier to a raise)
** Dealing the flop: Q of h, 6 of h, 4 of c
hero bet - $2.00 (nice flop for me, I think i'm in front)
Raigor raised - $4.00 (this guy has an AF of 5 ... i'd be surprised if i was behind)
hero raised - $6.00 (might as well make him pay. i will probably still call down if he 4 bets me)
Raigor called - $6.00 (only a call .. i'm still betting hard unless a heart or A or K hits)
** Dealing the turn: 9 of s (awesome card for me .. complete blank)
hero bet - $4.00 (value bet)
Raigor called - $4.00 (no raise ... good)
** Dealing the river: A of s (not a good card for me .. but I will check/call)
hero checked
Raigor checked
hero shows: J of s, Q of s
Raigor mucks: 8 of c, 6 of d (nice hand fish)
hero wins $26.60 from the main pot

Current Bankroll: $10,700 (+360 Aug)


baber0015 said...

Hey nice blog check out for tips, tricks, and more for blogs!

The blindman said...

Yeah two thumbs up for William Hill. They are surprisingly quiet about the "pay to play" promotion - it's kind of buried both on their website and on RTR.

The blindman said...

Hey bort,

Can I ask what your long term averages are?

I've just installed PokerTracker, and so have just started thinking about these things.

I'm running at 5BB/100 on Party and 8BB/100 on WillHill, which I assume is a bit of a heater (about 2000 hands altogether). I only started recently on Party and two days ago on Hill.

So I'm curious about what sort of long term averages might be sustainable at 6max limit. My limits are 0.5/1 and 1/2 at the moment.

parttimebonuschaser said...


at both 1/2 and 2/4 over about 5,000 hands on party i'm 2.5BB/100 .. but i dont think that is sustainable either.

william hill 1/2 over 7000 hands i'm running 7bb/100 .. but that must be a massive heater. I'm running even at 2/4 over 5000 hands which is really really irritating.

i only have hands at 0.5/1 on fulltilt where i have 18,000 at 3bb/100. that was when i first started though ....

ongame however is killing me ... down nearly 2bb/100 over 5,000 at $1/2 .. but i have avoided ongame in the main and as soon as i clear a bonus there i withdraw.

Overall at $1/2 i'm running at 3.5bb/100 over 25,000 hands which isnt sustainable, but i'll take it :)

My main playing at 2/4 and 3/6 has been on cake, but i dont import stats there so i dont know my win rate, although i suspect they would be quite high as I have run fairly hot. All i know is i'm up around $2,100 there - a bit from bonuses, but at least half from winnings. In total i'd estimate i'm running just under 2bb/100 at $2/4 over about 14,000 hands

overall though since i dont play that many hours its hard to tell what my true rate is. (that and rake is different on different sites too come to think of it)

The blindman said...

Thanks, I appreciate the info.

My own run on Party just got hotter(see blog). 25BB in nine hands (won 8) helps..

WillHill might be a heater, but 1/2 there is definitely massively fishy. Gotta love sports punters.

I agree with your comments about Ongame. I have found the 5max tables there very tough, and very aggressive. I'm also down there I think, though I made money shortstacking NL25 and NL50. The Omaha is also pretty fishy.