Monday, August 18, 2008

Party giveth, party taketh away

Got in a solid 2 hour session on Party which involved the usual musical chairs trying to find a decent table or two. I probably opened up at least 10 tables before finding 3 that were acceptable, although the 3rd table tended to close every so often and i'd have to go off searching again.

Started off absolutely brilliantly. Most of my hands were holding up. Whenever a suckout would hit on me on one table, the opposite table would hold up for a big pot. I actually hit a couple draws even!! In an hour and a half I was up 50BBs which was quite decent.

Then the last half hour came kinda crashing down. Suck out after suck out as an A would hit on the river, with some complete muppet chasing down with A high and no kicker against my made pair. Irritating to say the least, and I gave back 25BBs in very quick time.

Also on the plus side, I have cleared over 50% of the points required for my $100 party bonus.

Current bankroll: $10,900

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