Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New plan needed

Checked out the Noiq race, and I'd probably have to rake $500 .. or even Euros to cash this month. Whilst that would be perfectly doable if I play mainly on that site, I don't particularly want to be committing that much to a single site. Perhaps if I was playing no limit as well as limit and had some more table selection opportunities it might be worthwhile, but for me it probably isn't.

So .. now I will either need to find something else, or just play through some more of my William Hill and Sun bonuses, together with my regular Bodog and Cake. I might even do that unless something particularly juicy comes up, as this month is also going to be fairly light timewise.

Although since i'm getting married next month, that one will probably be even lighter again ....

Anyways, I got in about 20 minutes of poker last night, but struggled a little with finding good tables so I probably played all of 50 hands between Bodog and pacific. Made a few BBs so not a complete waste of time, and an okay start to the month.

Current bankroll: $17,250
Time played April: 20 mins ....


The blindman said...

Bummer. They have halved the number of paying places (again). Keep an eye on it, because it may turn out that the drop chases enough punters away that it's still worthwhile. The signup bonus on NoiQ is decent too.

I'm not sure if the Eurolinx race is still running, but if it is, it's also good value at 40 places.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Actually thats probably a good point. It's likely the play will drop off so it might still be relatively easy to place.

At the end of the day the rakeback equivalent will probably still be quite high.