Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another downswing

Bodog is continuing to beat the crap out of me.

After a solid session on Saturday where I made a few BBs at $1/2 and $4/8 on Bodog, and a few BBs on Pacific after I finally bit the bullet and purchased the handgrabber their. Not sure if it was the right decision as the play was a fair bit tighter than I remember. Nonetheless, my deal on Pacific isn't too bad, and there were still fish to be found. All up profits from my two hour session paid for the hand grabber.

Sunday I put in two hours playing mostly $4/8 on Bodog, as well as a couple $1/2 tables, and my affiliate freeroll on Cake. I was doing okay in the freeroll at about 30th with 60 players left and about an average stack. Then I decided to call a 3BB raise from the Big blind with KQs. Flop KQ3r, and I check/raise a pot sized bet. I get three bet for him to be all in, and then um and ah before calling hoping to see AK .... KK is flipped over and i'm virtually drawing dead and crippled. Next hand I get KJs UTG and decide to push for my last 6BBs. A6o calls me from UTG+1, flops an ace and i'm out in the space of two hands.

My Bodog session though turned out to be pretty terrible. I dropped 55BBs at $4/8 when one muppet managed to hit 2, 3, 4 and 5 outers on me consistently. I had hands that should have won quite a few showdowns, but ended up losing enough of them to make my session fairly horrible. At the same time I dropped 70BBs on the $1/2 table, where the fish continued to suck out left and right.

I did lose some discipline towards the end when the 65/25 fish on my right quit the $4/8 table and I continued to play for another half hour with a 43/17 player on my right. That is not quite fishy enough for my liking so I should have left immediately. I suspect its still profitable to play against that type, but my poor run continued and I dropped 10BBs in that last half hour.

So all of a sudden i'm down $600 for the weekend and it's not looking pretty. Had a bit of a recovery though when good ole Cake gave me back $50 and Pacific donated me $100 on the $2/4 and $3/6 tables within the space of half an hour.

Its been quite a while since i've had a super hot run, with the past couple months being filled with running to average or poorly most of the time. I'm sure one will come soon as this month is now looking a little sick! That being said, i'll continue to be on the look out for the fish and play my usual game.

Oh, and on the next site question, I may take up blindman's suggestion on Noiq, although i've potentially got the william hill first deposit to clear as well. Just waiting on RakeTheRake to get back to me on whether the bonus is deducted from MGR or rakeback or not deducted at all like previous WH bonuses.

Current bankroll: $16,800

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