Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Midweek struggle again

As per usual, midweek absolutely suck for finding any good tables, although admittedly I did manage to find one that had about 4 fish on Bodog. As often seems the case, those fish seemed to suck out left and right. I will have to post one hand in particular tomorrow ...

I ended up opening a couple tables on Sun at $3/6 and $2/4, as well as at least one table on fulltilt whilst the Bodog muppets were taking my money. Sun was particularly generous though giving me a solid 10BBs on both the $3/6 and $2/4 table. So in a bit under an hour it had been a reasonable session, after i'd brought myself back to even on the Bodog $4/8 table as well.

I also played my last double up SNG on Interpoker, and that went quite smoothly. The only hand that I really played was KK on a flop of T42r. The overaggro fish to the left of me decided to push all in on that flop after calling a fairly big raise from me preflop. Since I had double his chips and i'd seen what he'd been showing down I called, and he flipped over A5o and was chasing 7 outs. None hit, and I folded my way into the money.

Kind of sad to see the end of crypto - their bonuses that were not deducted had always been great. The player base was reasonably tight though, so I guess it might get better in future. We shall see.

Current bankroll: $17,250

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