Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waiting ...

Played for nearly an hour last night, and added myself to the waiting list of a very juicy $4/8 table. When it was nearly time for me to quit ... I was still waiting. Irritating.

At the same time, I broke even on a very loose $2/4 table on Interpoker where I saw one muppet 3 bet 23o preflop, and win the hand ... twice. That same muppet took about 20BBs off me, until he managed to tilt the tag to my right, who then though it was a good idea to cap the turn with 4 hearts on the board, and then call my three bet on the river with Q hearts high versus my A high. That and a couple hands finally holding up allowed me to break even, whilst accumulating some half decent rakeback as every hand would have been raked fairly heavily.

I also played a couple $1/2 tables on Cake and Bodog, and they were fairly generous making me 20BBs or so in total. Not a bad little session in the end, although I really wanted to get onto the bigger fishy table.

I played one double up at the same time. I think i'm getting my strategy pretty sorted in those now. Basically blinds have to be at least 50/100 and my stack under 800 before i'll risk my entire stack all in with a pair or worse (even AA, although that may go all in preflop). I had to actually play one hand in the whole sng, where blinds were 25/50 and I raised to 150 from the button with AJs. An aggro SB reraised to 350 and I ummmed and ahhhhhed before calling. Flop was A62r and he checked so I decided to push and hope that he folded as my stack was now only about 600 left. He called. But then flipped over KK. wtf ... and my AJ held up. I then folded into the money.

Current bankroll: $17,300

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