Sunday, March 29, 2009


Played my first Kamikaze tournament on Cake over the weekend. I wouldn't actually pay to go in one of these, but since it was only a couple crappy gold cards to enter with $8k up for prizes I figured it was potentially money for nothing.

That being said, Kamikaze is exactly how it is played and the entire tournament with 1,400 entrants was over in the space of two minutes. Every player starts with 1,500 chips, and you are automatically put all in every hand. Effectively its like entering the lottery where your chances of winning are around 1/5.

I sat down looking at the 96o dealt to me. I was up against A9 and A6 amongst other hands, and even though I hit my 6 on the flop, there was no help when I didn't hit my potential two outer of a 9. Therefore I lasted one hand when a pair of tens was enough to scoop the table.

In other play over the weekend, I actually got in more than I expected with a 1.5 hour session on each of Saturday and Sunday. I think I came out fairly even on Bodog, but continued to run hot on Pacific, where i've now made 7.5BB/100 over the last 2,000 hands playing mostly $2/4 but a bit of $1/2 and $3/6. Hopefully I can translate some of that back over to Bodog, where i'm surely due for a decent session.

Bodog also paid me my reload bonus for the month of around $100ish .. maybe $150. Add on some decent winnings at the tables and i'm actually back in front for the month ... just. I have to be happy with that though as it was looking pretty nasty for a while there. I probably won't get in any more play by the end of the month though so won't be able to increase my bankroll any further. It might be good to just wipe the slate clean for next month anyways.

Current bankroll: $17,200


Steve H. said...

Good luck for April mate.

zero to hero said...

Just wondering how you expect to keep your bank balance going up if you spend all your time doing dream team ???

parttimebonuschaser said...

DT is all in the preseason, after that it basically pilots itself :)

that must have been why my March was fairly poor ....