Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Small sessions - just one hand is all it takes

Only got in a very short 15 minute session last night.

I had one Bodog and Interpoker $1/2 table open and a Cake $3/6 table running. I'd run up a few BBs on the Bodog table, but that becomes a little irrelevant when you also have a $3/6 table open and are down there by even just a few BBs.

I'm on my last hand of my last orbit, and am dealt pocket 9s utg. I raise and get 4 callers ... 4 ... wtf ... Anyways flop is T62r, and i'm thinking i'm not in a bad position here - although i'm hoping everyone has overcards. It's checked to me by SB and BB so I raise to try to minimise the field, but still get 3 callers. Turn is a K, and i'm pretty much sunk, although it does get checked to me again, and I just check behind. River is a 9 and i'm thinking SWEET. SB checks and BB bets, so I raise, and still get two callers. BB flips over KT - I guess he wanted a c/r on the turn, and the other doesn't show.

So in one hand i've gone from breakeven for the session to up $50 - which ain't bad for 15 mins work :)

Current bankroll: $17,350

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