Monday, March 9, 2009

$4/8 pain continues

Played for an hour yesterday, and the first thing I noticed was the same fish 65/25 from the other day on the Bodog $4/8 tables, sitting with about $700 in his stack, and an empty seat on his left. I figured it was worth a shot so sat down.

In about 20 minutes, his stack has dwindled to about $300, however, at the same time i'd managed to drop 25BBs as well. F me. I hope $4/8 on Bodog doesnt go like $1/2 where I had to lose 250BBs before recovering them all and more within the space of 1,000 hands.

After that point I did recover about 10BBs before the table broke up but it still wasn't pretty. Overall i've dropped about 90BBs within 1,300 hands at $4/8. Ugly.

I also found a super fishy $1/2 table, where the player on my right was 85/35, and the player to my left 94/0. The 85/35 guy lost 40BBs ... and obviously I also lost 25BBs at the same time. Unreal beats as you'd expect when playing opponents that loose. Only problem was the only time I seemed to get a fairly good hand, either of the fish would hit something even better. Like when my ATs flopped AT9r, only to have run into 94/0 guy's 99. Yuk

I sat down at an Interpoker $3/6 table at the same time, and found one of my favourite fish sitting to my right who runs at 70/35 and also sees a LOT of showdowns. Thankfully he donated about 15BBs to me, so the day wasn't a complete disaster.

I cashed out $60 worth of Bodog points, and also accrued $90 in rakeback from the weekend's play on Interpoker thanks to the 60% rakeback, so my bankroll actually increased even with some losses on the tables.

Current bankroll: $17,250

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