Sunday, March 1, 2009

Almost blew another shot

Got in about 3 hours of poker over the weekend, predominantly playing on Bodog as i'd cleared my bonuses on other sites for February already. Generally had three tables running, with one or two at $4/8 and the other two at $1/2, depending on the levels of fishiness available.

I actually found one guy on the $4/8 tables who was running at 86/56 .. which is very loose aggressive. He was also showing down around 70% of hands. He had position on me, but I had position on another 65/20 guy, and the seat to aggro dude was already taken. Unfortunately for me though, aggro dude was also winning over 70% of his showdowns, and was quickly up by a good 100BBs. About 30 of those were mine, and plus all of the profits that I was taking from the fish to my right. This had effectively wiped out all of my $4/8 shot buffer, and also taken me down another 10BBs on top of that, and I was looking like having to drop back to $1/2 again.

I reloaded another 25BBs because the table was so good, and I was still playing well, and finally he stopped running so unbelievably hot, and I managed to recover 25BBs. I actually have one interesting hand to post, but its on my other PC. I'll have to remember to grab it out tomorrow.

The $1/2 tables however were treating me very well again, and I would have made another 40BBs in my session there. I think my BB/100 is above 0.4 now at $1/2 which I have to be pleased with, given it only turned just positive a few days ago.

On the Interpoker through RakeTheRake front, it looks like you can also earn the monthly bonus (which is not deducted from MGR) as well as double rakeback, so that takes effective rakeback to very close to 100% until March 17. I'll be playing there as much as possible rather than looking for a new deal this month I think.

Current bankroll: $17,250

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