Sunday, March 8, 2009

What constitutes a swing?

I more than doubled my poker hours for the month over the weekend, with overall pretty poor results. I think it was mainly from running kind of cool.

In my first two hour session, I played mainly on Interpoker, mixed between 3/6, 2/4 and 1/2. On the 3/6 table, I was getting smashed to the tune of about 30BBs, on the 2/4 table I dropped another 30BBs, but on the 1/2 table I made 50BBs. Each of those tables was equally fishy, and I even had position on the exact same player on the 1/2 as the 2/4 table ... and he really was retarded. Anyways ... that seemed pretty swingy to me, and is what i was going to title this post .. until i thought well ... 30BBs whilst being somewhat painful is not really that big of a swing.

The interesting thing of that session was that my W$SD was under 40% on all tables, so I must have been running cool. Card dead is a better description for the 3/6 table where my VPIP was 15%! The main difference on the 1/2 table was hitting quads twice, and getting turn and river capped for one of those for a massive pot. Unfortunately on the other tables I couldn't start with or hit anything at all.

My next two hour session was pretty boring, with my bankroll hardly moving in any direction. Even though I was playing against a bunch of fish. Oh well. At least i'll get some rakeback.

My final session was mainly on Bodog, and then a stack of double ups on Interpoker. I had both a $1/2 table open and a $4/8 table open, with the same 65/25 aggro fish sitting on my right. Of course I started off horribly again, and quickly lost 25BBs on the 4/8 table, whilst winning about 20 on the 1/2 table. FFS. I'm almost stuck back to 1/2 on bodog again .... i just cant seem to catch a break against the fish at 4/8 even though they are absolutely horrible players. I was also now down for the month.

The table then broke up and I found a juicy 3/6 table on Cake. Good ole cake. They donated me back 30BBs and I also won 6 $5 double ups at Interpoker at the same time. All in all back to even for the session after a horrendous start.

I'm sure i'll have some luck on the higher stakes tables sooner or later .....

Current bankroll: $17,200

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The blindman said...

Nahh, one cool session isn't a swing - it's just a cool session. Call me when you have a month of cool sessions :)