Monday, March 23, 2009


Found myself a nemesis on Bodog. He's about 38/6, so he's often opposite on the table from me or has position on me. For some reason though he chases a lot of boards when he has only a single overcard, or is chasing with Q high. Every time he seems to hit the turn or river when i'm cbetting with air .. and it's getting annoying. I think he burnt me for another 20BBs at $1/2 in my 20 minute session last night.

A few Pacific fish though decided to pay me off. Had some weird hands there, where one 67/1 guy thought it was good to cap preflop when he held 92o and I had QQ. With a K high flop he kept on betting, and i'm glad I called him down. He didn't even have a pair. I guess he had tilted .... but i'll keep a look out for him in future. Couldn't stay at the table though as the fish to my right decided to leave and I was left with two tags to my right.

A little rakeback as well, and my bankroll has improved a little. Slowly tryin to get back up there. Its interesting though to be in a position where i'm still a fair bit below my all time high. It almost seems to motivate me to get back up there, and i'm concentrating and playing really well at the tables. Even if it takes a little time, its like a self challenge and actually has me keen to get on the tables to take out some fish. I think i'm even table and seat selecting even more carefully - I guess I really don't like to be down from any point, although when I get back up there i'll probably be a bit more blase.

Current bankroll: $16,850


The blindman said...

Is that BR number correct? Last one was $16,800 - I don't think you made $1k in two days?

parttimebonuschaser said...

good spot. the graph would look a lot better if that was the case too :)