Wednesday, March 25, 2009

William Hill software glitch

I got in about an hour and a half of poker last night, and decided to fire up William Hill and do my deposit bonus on there.

Problem #1: Their ipoker software client doesn't import into pokertracker yet. They need to do an upgrade of some sort ....

Problem #2: Being on rakeback puts you on the lowest poker points tier, which means the sign up bonus clears horrendously slowly. I'm talking maybe giving you 1% rakeback .. and that's probably at best.

I did find a fairly nice table though, so decided to rely on my own note taking. The player to my right was a fairly average fish - played any ace even to a raise, most kings, and any two suited. There was a huge fish on my left, but unfortunately the position on him never opened. In the end I dropped about 20BBs from some particularly nasty beats from the player on my left.

Bodog and Pacific made up for those losses though so I ended up about square.

Now I just have to wait until William Hill updates their software so I can actually use my PT database and HUD.

Current bankroll: $16,850

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