Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Running a bit warmer

The usual midweek battle continued last night, where to find tables actually worth playing on I ended up having a single table running from each of Bodog, Pacific, Cake and Fulltilt. They also ranged from $1/2 to $4/8 - which probably actually worked better since it was easy to tell which table was which limit.

After about an hour of play I was up on every table which was a change for the better ... and had even made a few BBs at $4/8 on Bodog. Yeah I know I was going to wait a bit longer before shooting at $4/8 again, but the table was juicy with two significant fish on my right, and another fish on my left, and obviously my overall bankroll can afford to take a shot or 20.

I didn't actually have too many interesting hands - I was either playing premium hands and hitting them, or being dealt rubbish and folding preflop or on the flop. One hand that did make me a few BBs was where I had KQo and had two callers to my raise preflop. Flop of KK6r and I still had one caller. Turn K, and he still called that, and my river bet. Its always nice to have the stone cold nuts. Only ever had them on one other hand where I had an A high flush on the river.

Found another interesting donkey on another table who for some reason refused to consider the quality of his kicker. His A6o was good enough to raise and three bet most streets versus my AJo on one hand, and in another on a four flush board his k6o was good enough to cap the turn (the 6 was his flush card) versus my K high flush. He had a WTSD of around 55% so i'll be keeping an eye out for him in future. If someone wants to pay me off that badly, i'm more than willing to let them.

The end result was that i've now hit a new high for my bankroll, which actually didn't take too long to get to after that nasty little downer last month. Hopefully I can continue to run reasonably hot - although just checking my Pacific stats, my 8BB/100 over 2,200 hands isn't sustainable.

Current bankroll: $17,400
April time played: 1h20m
April profit/(loss): $150

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The blindman said...

I'll have to check, but I think my Pacific results are similarly ridiculous.