Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fishy stats

I noticed last night in another of my brief sessions, that some of the players who are paying me off the most, aren't necessarily those that are super loose preflop.

Several players in my database are running at over -10BBs/100 in 1,000 hands, with a VPIP under 40. However, where they are weak is that their WTSD is over 45% and often in the low 50s. They are obviously therefore calling down a lot with pretty mediocre hands, and with their loss rate being so high, they're paying several big bets on the turn and river to do so.

Normally i've been looking to have position on the very loose preflop fish, but based on this small insight i'll have a look for these showdown bound types of players as well. They are probably higher variance to play against, and cbets will often fail, but by the looks of it they do pay off quite well.

That being said, I got in an hour on Wednesday night, and found a couple of those types of players. The main one I had position on though went through a super hot streak, and managed to suck out on me several times and I ended up stuck about 30BBs. Luckily for me it was only at $1/2 on Interpoker. Actually most of my session from Wednesday, and the 15 minutes I played Thursday night were on Interpoker, on a mix of $1/2 to $3/6 tables. A brief Bodog session on Thursday however did net me another 25BBs at $1/2 to keep me even for the last couple days. I'm keen to play more Interpoker though, for the double rakeback, monthly bonus and the fact that I have to rake at least $50 to qualify for the double rakeback, which i've now nearly achieved.

I should get in a few more hours over the weekend, but am otherwise pretty busy so we will see.

Current bankroll: $17,350

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Anonymous said...

Hi M8

The guys who play over 40% are chasing everything, in my opinion, are the weak fish. OK, your play is almost exclusively limit cash and a lot of the times they think that are priced in to call but the mistake they are making is that there actually mathematically wrong in calling. Limit poker is not my cup of tea but it is possibly the truest form of poker. I have been inspired but your relentless approach (OK, OK I don’t want a Christmas card) and I am now playing more cash tables, albeit no limit, than I ever have in five years of playing poker AND making money. I see players all the time calling 50% plus of flops, which obviously indicates shit and fishy plays, and there WSDW is like less than 10% of these. Skill an patience is the key to cooking these fish, just beware the rocks 