Monday, March 16, 2009

Sometimes i'm a bit slow

Hadn't really thought about it, but with Interpoker moving i'll basically lose all my loyalty points. If i'd been a bit quicker, i'd have actually spent a stack of them on tourneys. Oh well. I'll have to make it a point next time i'm playing in a room which is moving networks.

Played all of half an hour last night, and found my K2 fish again, and actually got position on him - and then proceeded to go card dead ... again. Only dropped about 4BBs on the $4/8 table, and made that up on the $1/2 table where I also had position on him. Irritating though that i'm not smashing it up.

Cake was kinder, where I played a single orbit before realising my position sucked, but in that time i made a good 15BBs at $3/6. Hopefully I can continue to run well there, and actually run better than turd on Bodog sooner or later.

Current bankroll: $17,100

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