Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bodog downswing continues

I'm still finding good tables, and good positions on Bodog, but after a several bad beats in a 20 minute session, my results are never going to look good. Luckily only at $1/2 and only about 12BBs down when finally a couple hands held up towards the end of my session.

Pacific was reasonably generous though, making about 10BBs at $2/4 for the brief session. No massive fish there, but the three players to my right just looked to be steady losers, with stats around 45/5, and were quite predictable to play against.

This evening, I think i'll make my deposit for the William Hill first deposit bonus, and see how well that actually clears whilst also getting rakeback. Will be interesting to see how it works. If it turns out to be no good, i'll just withdraw and maybe go with the Noiq option for my next site to put a bit of volume into.

Cake hasn't come through with another reload yet, and i've almost cleared my bonus there. Fingers crossed something happens soon, as its still my favourite site.

Current bankroll: $16,850

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