Monday, March 2, 2009

Sometimes you win your poorer hands

Only played a short session last night - less than half an hour. Again there weren't many tables running that were worth playing on, so I ended up with a single Interpoker table, a couple Cake poker tables and one or two Fulltilt tables running.

I've been asked why I play on Fulltilt when their rakeback is only 27%. Well there's a few reasons, as the rakeback rate is not the full story. Fulltilt actually charges less rake on every single hand, so the equivalent rakeback rate is actually much better than it seems. Also since there are a lot more players there, the table selection is also quite good - although obviously some tables are so tight they're not even worth looking at. I'm not sure if its just me, but i've been able to find a few very juicy tables recently. Lastly the RakeTheRake freeroll is generally pretty good value.

That being said, last night I ran pretty flat on Fulltilt and Interpoker, but made about 10BBs on the $3/6 table on Cake for a small but nice profit for a very short session. The thing is though for those 10BBs, I managed to lose with KK and AA, but also won a quite large pot with K5s in the BB when I flopped a 5 and turned a K when I decided the flop was worth a peel for one bet with only passives after me to come. Simlarly my 25o held up in the BB when it was limped to me and flopped 22T. Go figure.

Here's a hand from the other day though - what do you think I should have done?

Limit ($4.00/$8.00)
6-max Seat #6 is the button
Seat 1: Simon1966 ($174.18) (total fish)
Seat 2: Hero ($115.50)
Seat 3: carpedm65 ($459.47) (passive fish)
Seat 4: juarino ($86.34) (TAG)
Seat 5: jjjjb ($73.50)
Seat 6: topthis1971 ($460.25) (60/20/1 ... loose but a bit aggro)
------------------------------NEW HAND
Simon1966: posts the small blind $2.00
Hero: posts the big blind $4.00
Hero is dealt [Jd,Jh] (sweet)
carpedm65: calls $4.00
juarino: raises $4.00 to $8.00
jjjjb: raises $4.00 to $12.00 (hmm)
topthis1971: raises $4.00 to $16.00 (ummm okay, i might not be in front)
Simon1966: folds
Hero: calls $12.00
carpedm65: calls $12.00
juarino: calls $8.00
jjjjb: calls $4.00---
DEALING FLOP [8h,5c,8c] (interesting flop)
Hero: checks (i'll check to see what action comes after me)
carpedm65: checks
juarino: checks
jjjjb: bets $4.00
topthis1971: raises $4.00 to $8.00
Hero: ??? (calls? raises? folds? what would you do? 19sbs in the pot - 2sbs to call, 3 players still to act after me)

Current bankroll: $17,300


The blindman said...

Nasty. TBH, I think it's probably right to fold it preflop unless the 3 bettor and capper are both crazy - though I would probably find it hard to fold at the table.

You definitely don't have the right odds to call three cold preflop and play for sets on the flop. Once you're in there for a 16BB pot on the flop, you probably have to be willing to call down unless an overcard comes.

Anonymous said...

Nasty spot indeed. Like The Blindman says, you have to be playing for set value with the action preflop.

I can't see you being ahead but I probably check/call the flop as betting is just going to get you raised and bloat the pot even further.