Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back into the black ... just

Played all of three orbits last night, as I just couldn't find any tables worth playing on. About 8 tables were running on Interpoker and all were too tight to be worthwhile. Only a couple running on Bodog, and only one of those - a $1/2 table was worth playing on, and they did donate me about 10BBs in the space of three orbits.

Cake had a stack of tables running, but most looked fairly tight. I found one $4/8 that looked kind of loose, so I sat down. In the first orbit I made a few BBs, but I was disappointed to see a lot of folding preflop, so I sat out and watched the second orbit. Every man and their dog then limped into every hand. I sat back in when the BB got back to me. Suddenly everyone was folding preflop again, although I managed to pick up one good pot with top pair after raising J9s UTG so I was a little concerned when I had two callers still at the river. Ended about 6BBs up when I stood up and left the table at the end of that orbit.

So at least i'm back to where I started the month .. plus a little bit. Hopefully it continues that way and I can make a few more BBs on Bodog as well.

Current bankroll: $17,150


TiocfaidhArLa said...

I was going to make an obvious comment about challenging yourself with exploiting tight tables now that you have mastered making money at loose tables.

Before doing so, I revisited your 2009 goals and realised why you are a winning player.

I have a question that I'd be interested in your thoughtful response to ...

Assuming that you continue to deliver on all of your 2009 goals, what ambitions will you have for 2010 and beyond.

I hope you don't mind me looking forward to next season before the play-offs even begin!

PS Go Swannies

parttimebonuschaser said...

Good thing you mentioned goals. I hadn't actually gone back and had a look at them for a while.

My overall return isn't actually going to plan so far, but i'm sure it will turn around.

Whilst I suspect you can exploit some tight players, I also believe that the high rake at the stakes I play at would more than offset any advantage i'd have. So, I figure i'll stick with chasing the fish :)

I'll have to think some more about 2010 and onwards. Provided my bankroll keeps going in the right direction, I figure i'll probably be taking shots at $5/$10 (if bodog ever turns around!) - and maybe even higher if I see any particularly fishy tables.

I'm also going to start recording my hours played per month in the blog as well so that I can accurately compare my performance over time. I'm sure i'm playing less hours this year, but annoyingly, can't quantify it at the moment.

GO crows for me .. although i'm probably more interested in Dreamteam!

Cory Albertson said...

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