Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New favourite fish type

The 'timeout' fish. Played one guy last night on Interpoker who appeared to have a stack of tables open, and fairly often his timer would run down to almost out, or he'd time out before acting. The result was him donating me quite a few BBs to cbets with air, or relatively poor hands.

Basically every time he was in a hand looking a bit slow with me, i'd raise him and wait and see what happened. It actually worked extremely well.

That being said, another fish at $4/8 then took my stack of winnings when he hit a flush with K2s v my AA and then hit another flush when he held AJs v my AKs. Ack. Bodog is still not looking pretty .. although I did recover 20BBs at $1/2 to even out my 4BB loss at $4/8

Overall about even for the session, but i'll be on the lookout for my timeout fish in future. I know some people would lose patience against this type of player, but if you have a few more tables open, it doesn't bother me too much.

I also played an interesting double up last night when I was completely card dead. My stack had blinded down to 900 chips with blinds about to go to 100/200. I then started shoving reasonably liberally versus medium stacks when folded to me on the button or SB, and they were kind enough to just fold. All in all, I didn't receive a single premium hand or show down a single hand for the entire SnG and still doubled my cash. (Well actually I did have AQs once, and there was an all in from a medium stack before me and a short stack on the BB to come after me, so I just folded that one - which I believe is the correct play in a double up).

Current bankroll: $17,250

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