Sunday, February 1, 2009

Live session

Headed to the local Casino Friday night with a few mates, and played 2.5 hours on the $4/8 limit tables, whilst my mates hit up the $1/2 NL tables.

Initially I sat down at a newly opened table, however, one of the players from the existing $4/8 table also came across to the new table. I'd seen earlier that he basically had position on a couple of the larger fish on the table, so quickly got myself shifted into that seat. Although the player to my immediate right wasn't too bad, the next two were absolutely horrible.

It was an interesting experience to play basically full ring again - well generally 9 players, and occasionally dropping to 8. The table was very loose, and i'd say on average 6 players were seeing the flop. Unfortunately for me, I was rarely getting anything worth raising, or even overlimping which was quite irritating.

After dropping about 5BBs on the first orbit, I did manage to score AKo in the SB, and with 4 limpers in the pot before me I obviously raised it up, and all limpers called. Flop of KdKsQd looked pretty sweet to me, so I raise flop, and still get 3 callers ... i mean ... WTF ... surely they cant all have a decent piece of that fairly dangerous flop to a preflop raiser, so i'm sure i'm miles in front. Turn was a 8h, so pretty much a blank, and this time my bet only gets one caller. River, Kc .... but this time I don't get called. Still ... a decent sized pot because of all the limpers, and the first time i've had quads live.

I only actually win a couple more hands for the night, and obviously there's no bluffing with that many players seeing every flop, and often showing down 2nd or 3rd pair.

The one huge hand I was involved in was on my last orbit, where i'm dealt TT in UTG+2. UTG and UTG+1 both limp so I raise it up and get another 5 callers plus the original 2 limpers. UTG is a complete fish, playing almost every hand even to a raise and has chased all sorts of crap (and gotten lucky) reasonably often. UTG+1 is also very loose preflop, but does fold. The other play of note was the fish on the button, who would regularly play any two cards. The couple tight players on the table got out of the way to my preflop bet. Flop was Ts9c2c, which was a great flop for me. I bet out and still get 5 callers. Turn is the Qc which makes my stomach turn a little. Both straight and flush possibilities. I bet out still when UTG checks to me, and get two callers including UTG. River was a blank, and I get check/raised by the UTG retard. Of course he shows down T5s to scoop an almost 20BB pot...\

I ended the night a couple BBs up even though I was fairly card dead. The play was so soft, that i'm sure its profitable, but i'm not sure about the speed of live play. So slow ....

In terms of online play, I only got in a couple hours for the entire weekend. My awful ladbrokes run in my previous post was offset by a few hands on Cake at $3/6 where I won a couple nice pots with monster hands versus a tag or two who were happy to play fairly aggressively with 2nd pair. I had to leave that table fairly quickly though as my target fish left about ten hands after I sat down.

I didn't actually receive the Cake reload bonus email that was talked about on 2p2, however, when I emailed support asking about it, they said it was actually a restricted offer. They were kind enough to add me to the list of eligible players, so big kudos to Cake support. So now i've got a Cake bonus to release in February as well.

I've ended up placing for $100 in the Ladbrokes rake race, but after all the bonuses i've received there i'm actually still down, due to running so horribly on the tables. (I think i'm somewhere around -10BB/100 all up).

Current bankroll: $16,200

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