Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A quick shot

Tuesday was again very slim pickings for decent tables. Players per flop on interpoker from $1/2 to $3/6 were all under 40%, and in most cases very low 30s or even 20s. Since none of those tables can really be profitable, I closed Interpoker.

Next stop Bodog, where there were actually no $1/2 6max tables running. So much for table selection there .. or so I thought. I then noticed the $4/8 table had 5 players and had an average 60% of players per flop. I opened the table and the two players to the right of the empty seat I had notes on. Both had vpip's in the 60s and a PFR of around 15%, so the empty seat was actually the best seat at the table.

Even though I am technically not rolled for it on Bodog, my overally bankroll easily allows me to play $4/8 so I figured I may as well give it a go. (I actually withdrew $600 from Bodog yesterday so I only had about 3 buy ins left on there for $4/8).

First hand I get 66 in the BB, and one guy limps from the SB, so I raise. Flop of Q73r and cbet both the flop and a blank turn. I check behind on the river and he shows 78o ... not the best start.

Couple hands later and i'm in the SB with AQo, and with 2 limpers I raise it up, and both limpers call. Flop was a fairly annoying J84r, which I cbet and get one caller. Turn 7. Cbet, and get called. River 4, which I check and he bets. I have a look at his WTSD and its 49%, so I decide to call with my A high. He flips over Q4s. I'm down 10BBs and only have about 5 minutes left before I have to leave for another one of my huge 20 minute sessions.

Couple hands later I get AQo again. 2 limpers (both the fish to my right) and I raise from the button. Both call. Flop is A74r, which gets checked to me so I bet. Turn is a T, check, check bet. River was another 4 again .... and i'm thinking surely not. Checked to me, so I have to value bet here against two muppets. They both call and show A3 and A6 and I end up a couple BBs for the session when I don't get any more hands before the BB reaches me again.

Bit of a pity that I had to leave, as one of the fish had $500 in front of them. The other was virtually out though so maybe not a big loss, and the table had already dropped back to five players again.

It was good to actually come out in front at $4/8 on Bodog even if it was only a few BBs, as every other shot has been fairly painful.

I should get in a longer session tonight with any luck, and hopefully come out in front

Current bankroll: $16,350

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