Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bodog giveth, bodog taketh away

Well F me.

I thought all was right with the world when i'd managed to pull in about 50BBs within half an hour on the weekend on Bodog.

That was then rapidly followed by one of the sickest series of beats i've suffered, to lose over 100BBs in the next half hour. I was dealt many premium hands, hit huge draws only to get rivered and so on as you'd all know. I even got KK 4 times ... and lost all four of them. I didnt even play badly, didn't tilt ... just couldn't win a hand.

I then also managed to miss out on 4 double ups in a row to drop another $40ish. Still got my money in good in each of them, but was pretty card dead. It just wasn't my day. Even Cake burnt me for a few BBs on the $3/6 tables.

And that was my weekend's play. And now i'm back to square one where I started for the current month.


Current bankroll: $16,200

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