Monday, February 9, 2009

Too brief to win a hand

I played all of a couple orbits over a couple tables, and although I managed to flop a couple nut hand draws, both missed, and my cbetting A high managed to get called by a fish with J high, who spiked his J on the river.

Add them together and i'm down 10BBs in 10 minutes. Thing is, the fish then left the tables, and I basically had to quit, as i'm not going to play with just the TAGs.

My scan of other tables for any worthwhile came up with nothing, so I ended up just shutting down for the day. Admittedly though I didn't fire up full tilt where i'm sure there'd be a fishy table or two amongst all the tight ones.

Anyways, might not even get onto the tables again until Wednesday where hopefully I can get in at least an hour to feed on the fish, and hopefully have something slightly more interesting to post ....

Current bankroll: $16,350

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