Thursday, February 12, 2009

Waiting ...

Played another half hour yesterday to take my total hours played for the month to a whopping five hours (well amost). I'm sure plent of you guys do that in a day, let alone virtually two weeks.

And with a wedding and dinner tomorrow, the weekend may be a little slim on the poker front too.

I added myself to the wait lists for two tables of $2/4 and one table of $3/6 on Interpoker, and three Bodog tables. Within a couple minutes I was playing on all three Bodog tables, but none of the Interpoker tables. It was then a wait for 25 minutes just to get onto one of the Interpoker tables, and sure enough, by then the table had turned way too tight for my liking, so I had to give up my seat anyways. That can be one of the big problems of waiting lists that you always need to look out for - particularly if you're 3rd or lower on the list.

Made a few BBs on Bodog, before losing a 15BB pot with the nut flush when the board paired on the river. Apparently 97s is good to play from UTG .... Missed a few more and ended down about 10BBs. Irritating.

Current bankroll: $16,400

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