Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ladbrokes rake race

Doing a bit of quick math in my head, it looks like the ladbrokes rake race isn't going to be worth my time this month. The bottom level prize money has been halved to $50, and its looking like you'll need to rake a similar amount to last month to get it which is around $160. An equivalent 31% rakeback is hardly worth the effort, particularly where you actually need to rake a little more to be certain you don't drop out altogether for no prize money at all.

I put in another 30 minute session last night, so i'm still not playing much this month. Bodog as per usual shafted me early, but a small comeback made it not quite so bad. It was second hand this time where I managed to lose flush over flush (2 pocket spades each) in a very large pot. Its going to go my way soon ....

Cake and Interpoker were decent to me again, although I did lose one big pot early to the table muppet who hit his flush on the river versus my flopped trip Ts. However, I got my revenge in the exact reverse situation about 5 hands later to win a 15BB pot. Ended up making a handful of BBs on both Cake and Interpoker again at $2/4 and $3/6. Again it could have been a lot more, but I got nastily outdrawn a couple times.

Current bankroll: $16,250


herve said...

It is a pity that you are registered already to Ladbrokes because there are some websites like that proposes a bonus equals to 40% of the prize you get from the race.

So, if the prize is worth 31% rb, the bonus would be additional 12% for a total of 43% rb that you can cumulate with the welcome bonus !

joel12 said...

i like your blog, very inspiring
good luck for the grind