Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another premature shot ...

My back was killing me again yesterday to the point where I couldn't stand up at one stage. Scary stuff really. I've no doubt I will be very vigilant once i'm better on sticking to a decent exercise program, and if i'm ever slacking i'll have to refer back to this post. Being basically crippled is not fun at all.

What it meant was that I only played about 40 minutes of poker yesterday, but did see a juicy $4/8 table running on Bodog.

I played 51 hands

I went to showdown 11% of the time

I won zero showdowns

That is probably the defnition of missing every flop, turn and river possible. Although I did pick up AA once in the BB ... and then the entire table folded to me.

Down about 12BBs all up, so back to $1/2 I go.

I also had a Cake table running at the same time, where I was up about 25BBs in the space of the first five minutes when people couldn't let go of their whiffed AK, and unlike Bodog, they didn't manage to suck one out on the turn or river. So that win, plus a rakeback credit allowed me to finish the session only about $20 down all up.

Current bankroll: $16,400

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