Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Opposite of recent running

I got in an hour long session last night, but still struggled to find decent tables. In the end I settled for a single $1/2 Bodog table, and a single Cake $2/4 table, and added on a couple double up SNGs on Interpoker to at least clear a couple more points of my bonus there.

Ran like turd on Cake, where I managed to drop 20BBs to a couple gutshots and one particularly nasty runner runner straight versus my KK. Ran like god on Bodog for a change though, and made about 50BBs ... and that's even with my AA getting cracked by 64s to turned and rivered 6s in a four way pot.

In my $5 SNG I had one hand which was limped by 3 players into my BB of KJo. I checked, and the flop was a perfect AQTr. The SB opened for a half pot bet, which I just called hoping to get another caller, but both folded. The turn was a blank and SB bet out again for half his remaining stack, so I put him all in which left me about 300 chips. He flips over AQ, and of course the river is a Q. This muppet had been limping into almost every pot, so was disappointing that he'd get rewarded with a big suck out. Next hand I push all in with A2s in effectively MP, but get two callers, and prevoiusly mentioned muppet wins with 87o when an 8 flops.

In my $10 SNG, one player was out first orbit, so that basically gives me positive equity. The only other hands that I really played I clean missed the flop, but everyone folded to my cbets. The blinds eventually got to $100/200 with 4 players left, but the play was pretty bad, and twice everyone folded to my BB. I still didn't have to really play a hand, and all of a sudden the last player was out pocket Ts v Js. Thats the way I like those double ups to go - not really getting involved in any hands and just cruising into the double.

I'm also now less than 100BBs away from taking my next real $4/8 Bodog shot. Hopefully it continues like this.

Current bankroll: $16,400

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