Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do I have a sign on me ....

.... that says please hit me with a runner runner?

In another brief session, third hand in i've had a muppet chase down a runner runner flush, but this time with only under cards and not even a pair. For the session (all of 20 minutes) I ended up losing five or six 10 - 15BB pots to 2 - 4 outers on the river. All it takes is one or two of those to go your way and its a good session, and all of them to go your way for a huge session.

I ended up dropping 20 more BBs on Bodog - still not sure why i'm getting killed there, and my W$SD is getting even closer to going under 47%. Just for fun my second last hand of the session had 2 limpers preflop with me raising up my AQ. Flop is A85r, and my raise kicks out one of them. Turn 4, river 7. UTG flips over A6 for the straight.

It still appears to be that i'm just running cold as my other stats look fairly reasonable. I might withdraw my reloads from my account shortly, which will still leave me with $500ish which is enough to play at $1/2. Maybe my luck will improve?

Fortunately Interpoker and Cake made up for my loss on Bodog, where I picked up a handful of BBs at $2/4 and $3/6. I've nearly done half of the points required for my first 20 pound monthly bonus on Interpoker, and have been able to find some fishy tables, so that's actually looking quite good. So overall with rakeback etc i'm probably starting to recover a few $.

Current bankroll: $16,100

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