Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poker - a game of small percentages

Ended up having another day off yesterday, and was able to play a couple hours in total.

At the end of my session I had a look at my stats for the last 2,500 hands or so at $1/2 on Bodog. Overall I have:

-----------last 2,500 ---- all hands (approx 23,000)

WTSD ---38.25%------------- 36.91%
W$SD ---55.90% -------------49.23%
BB/100 ---2.75 ----------------(0.21)

As can be seen from that i've had a reasonable run lately (mainly from yesterday), and its gone a fair way to making my total return on Bodog positive again, after a pretty horrendous 20,000 hands. I can't expect to keep winning 56% of showdowns, but definitely expect to win more than 50%. That small percentage difference is the difference between being a small loser on the tables, and being a significant winner. Hopefully I will continue to increase my overall numbers closer to expectation.

My $4/8 run has been even more horrific with only 600 hands played, but a BB/100 of negative 10!!! However, since my good run at $1/2 i'm almost ready for another shot at $4/8, and hopefully I won't run like turd.

I think i've cleared about $100 of my bodog reload this month too, so that will hopefully get me back to $4/8.

Current bankroll: $16,450

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