Sunday, February 8, 2009

Home game blind structure

Played a home game friday night, where we basically play several SNGs and try to time it so that each game only lasts an hour. That is actually easier said than done, given live dealing is probably more like one hand every two minutes, which means the SNG has to only last about 30 hands in total. It also encourages some pretty loose play ... or rather doesn't really penalise loose play so much as its closer to correct play.

Anyways currently with 7 players our structure is as follows:

Starting chips: 50

Time (mins): Blind:

0 - 10 1/2
10-20 2/4
20-30 3/6
30-40 4/8
40-50 5/10
50-60 10/20
60-70 15/30

We even got to 20/40 in one out of the three games, but with a total of 350 chips on the table that is somewhat ridiculous. In that game there were still six players left when it changed to 10/20.

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a different structure that would allow for a game to finish within an hour live?

For online play I only managed to get in an hour on the weekend. Interpoker had ten tables running in the stakes that I wanted to play at, but only one of those was loose enough to be worthwhile, and even on that one my fish left after only one orbit.

Cake also had slim pickings for table selection, so I ended up opening three or four Bodog tables, whilst only have a single Cake table open. For a change though, I didn't get absolutely slaughtered on Bodog, even by the massive fish. I had position on a true calling station on one table, who for some reason thought it was worth calling down with 93o on a board that read AKQ74r ... Needless to say, he donated me quite a few BBs.

In my 200ish hands I ended up making about 50BBs, which makes the big hole in my Bodog bankroll slightly smaller, which is a relief.

Current bankroll: $16,350

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TiocfaidhArLa said...

I've come to the conclusion that cash home games are by far the best. Otherwise you need to put the blinds up too quick and its a lottery.

The secret to a cash game is keeping the big blind to BI ratio to 100:1. We play 50c/$1 blinds and everyone gets $100. Now you can have $100 in chips costing anything, last night we played $50 but in the past we've had it at $30 for $100 in chips.

We like the fact that you can always top up to the $100. Every hand becomes important and nobody gets too hurt. Let me know if you try it and if you think that it works out. Enjoy!