Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No volume, nothing to see here

Still not finding time for a longer session, as I only got in another 20 mins last night.

First hand of Bodog, and i'm in the big blind looking at Qs6s. One limper from the button and the SB completes. Flop is a beautiful Js7s2s, which I bet into and get only the SB calling. Turn blank and my bet gets called again. River 5s to which SB donks. I'm thinking you gotta be kiddin, and call to see him with AdKs .... F me.

Again however, the Interpoker and Cake $3/6 and $2/4 tables made up for it, and I dragged in about 12BBs at each level. Didn't get a lot of playable hands, but hit a couple nice flops which didn't get sucked out on.

Overall good to post a positive session and get my bankroll back to its peak point, even with running quite cold lately.

Due to my low volume of play I've hardly cleared any bonus or rakeback cash so far this month though, and i'm only a third of the way through my first 20 pounds on Interpoker. It might pick up later in the month, although I know i'm busy again this weekend too, with a home game with the boys, and some mountain biking on Sunday.

Current bankroll: $16,200

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