Monday, February 23, 2009

It's only taken 24,000 hands ...

... but finally my $1/2 limit BB/100 stats are showing in the green on Bodog.

I managed at one stage to get to about 20BBs in front, but then ran my flopped set into a flopped flush (the guy had 82s), and then about five hands later, I flopped another set, only for the same guy to river his flush with 64s. Of course I didn't fill up to a boat on either. He was running at -20BB/100 over 250 hands - just a pity he wasn't giving me those losses.

Its been a fairly long battle to get back to square, particularly when I was down by over 250BBs at a couple stages, but i'm now hoping to gradually eek it up to hopefully get to 2BB/100. It actually feels like i've reached a big milestone in simply getting back to even alone but I genuinely think 2BB/100 is achievable. However, since i've already logged quite a few hands at simply break even, its going to take some time.

That being said the bonuses have been fairly good with Bodog so i'm still doing okay from the site, albeit with the $4/8 tables dragging me significantly backwards as well given i've run like a big dry turd at that limit.

Current bankroll: $16,750


rubbish said...

Guy sounds like a right plum, 6 4 and 8 2 off. I'd play him every night until I took all his cash if I was you.
Good luck.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Yeah i always note em and seek them out so that they're sitting directly on my right next time. They'll pay me off in the long run