Monday, February 2, 2009

First hand for Feb

Sorry, no hand history but:

  • $2/4 Fixed Limit Holdem
  • Me: KJo in the BB
  • Open limp from UTG fish (64/8)
  • One caller in the SB (62/12)
  • I raise, both call
  • Flop QhTs9c (nut straight .. wow what a start)
  • SB check, I bet, call, call
  • Turn 8h
  • SB check, I bet, fold, call
  • River 2h
  • SB bet .... oh oh..., I call
  • SB Th7h .... FFS

Anyways, ended up dropping about 25BBs at $2/4 in that session on Cake. Made back about 10BBs on Interpoker $3/6 but had lost $50 through the movement in the exchange rate to break even there. Also dropped a few BBs on Bodog $1/2 when I managed to get runner runner'd and 3 outered several times in my 20 minute session.

Frustrating start to Feb.

Current bankroll: $16,100


Joppa Road said...

I may not comment much but I do always read your posts.

parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers mate. Mine's probably not going to be as interesting as most people, as I just tend to plod along.

although i'm sure my personality does have some addictive tendencies, I seem to be able to keep that mostly in check.