Friday, January 30, 2009

Cold .. but could have been worse

Had to put in a few more hands on Ladbrokes to make sure I finished in the top 3000 for a $100 rake race prize. Here's the results of the session

Game level: 2/4
Hands: 144
vpip: 23.61 (and thats even with a passive fish on my right)
pfr: 20.83%
wtsd: 17.8%!!!!
w$sd: 14.29%!!!!
Amount lost: $29.75
BB/100: (5.16)

Interestingly with stats that terrible, I should have lost around 40BBs, but only actually lost 7.5BBs. Why? Well, mainly through cbets on the flop or turn getting everyone to fold. They basically kept me alive during the session, as can be shown in my AF:

Flop: 3.29
Turn: 2.5
River: 2.5
Total AF 2.92

If they hadn't been folding to my air cbets, it woulda been ugly. Was I playing against muppets? .. yes. Did someone 4 bet me preflop when I had AA and he had 87o only to flop 456r. Yes.

I still need to do an end of month summary for January, and give a bit of reload/rakeback/bonus news.

However, as a heads up, for anyone interested, RakeTheRake are doing a double rakeback on william hill for february and have increased their rake race. In total the rakeback is effectively 60%!!! So feel free to sign up :)

Current bankroll: $16,100


nemo said...

rigged imo lol

Urai said...

nice blog, I also start grinding too. First play live around 1 years ago and start online at June 2008 .. first I lose $300.. stop for a while try to learn poker and decide to play again deposit about $220 at November and now have bankroll about $1200... hope it will steady go up too.

parttimebonuschaser said...

hehe nemo, yep must be ... :)

parttimebonuschaser said...

Nice work Urai, keep it goin