Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bodog $1/2

Back to work yesterday so only played about 20 minutes on the Bodog $1/2 tables.

I found one very rare table where every other player had a VPIP in the high 50s or more, so there were quite a few players seeing every flop. Luckily for me, or rather not unluckily my premium hands were generally holding up with only a couple bad beats, resulting in another gain of 25BBs. So again, i'm actually not that far off another $4/8 shot.

It was interesting taking notes on some of the players - a couple of the guys were happy to play any unsuited connectors. I saw 32o and 43o at showdown a couple times, so obviously i'll be keen to play against those guys again. Of course the other week when my opponents were playing those hands they sucked out left and right, in one case with 32o v my AK, the flop was A82r, turn 2, river 2. Ugly.

Yesterday went more to plan though which does help the overall BB/100. I think its only -0.1 now at the $1/2 level. Over the last 5000ish hands i've made a good 250BBs which has helped turn around my results on Bodog significantly. If only I could do that at $4/8.

I should get in a bit of poker over the weekend, including at least one freeroll. I haven't cashed in a freeroll for a while, so fingers crossed.

Current bankroll: $16,450


The blindman said...

I noticed yesterday while sitting at a similar table (where I started 25BB up an managed to blow the lot before squeezing out a 10BB win), that some of these 60/10 fish are very weak postflop - WTSD in the 15-25 region. I think even if you account for the fact that they play many more multiplayer limped pots (where it makes sense that WTSD will be lower), they are likely to fold medium hands to pressure on the flop and turn.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Yeah thats a good point.

I do look for them and then just hammer them with cbets (even on the river with A high)

On the flip side, the same fish but with a WTSD of 50%ish are also really good to look for, as you just value bet any pairs, but stop cbetting with air as they aren't folding.