Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another quick shot .. not a disaster

Well f me.... finally I didn't actually lose when taking a shot at $4/8 on Bodog.

I had about an hour to play, and as usual with midweek, there were very few tables running, let alone many worth actually sitting down at. I think I found one okay $3/6 table on Interpoker, one $1/2 table on Bodog, and then I also watched a $4/8 table on Bodog for a while.

I ended up making a few BBs on Interpoker, but i'm still well down there for the month, and still need to get a few more points to clear the last of my bonus on there. It might actually be touch and go whether I make it by the end of the month, but its only around $30 so i'm not going out of my way to chase it down.

On the $1/2 table I made a good 25BBs in reasonably quick time with one main fish to play against who I had position on. There were also a couple tags on the table but one had an AF of 3 and a WTSD of almost 50%, so by those stats he looked like he bet air fairly regularly. I called him down with virtually any pair and he paid me off reasonably often. The fish actually made a profit during my session. Go figure.

The $4/8 table had 2 fairly big fish, and I had position on the bigger fish - very loose and very passive but there were also two tags on the table as well as one tight passive. The two tags were both immediately to my left so I think I had the best position on the table. The session was a little up and down, and I wasn't receiving a lot of cards. In the end I'd only played 20% of hands, and that's even with Limpy McLimper on my right often giving me odds to overlimp with all kinds of trash. However when I did receive cards they were holding up okayish ...

.... Well apart from when my set of 4s on a flop of Ad4d7s was beaten by both a set of As and a flush on the river, and when my AA got cracked on the turn by two opponents, one holding 7c4c and the other holding Kc6c when the third club hit. I actually folded the turn when it was two bets to me to call. One of them was quite passive so I thought it was the right thing to do, although I must admit it is pretty rare for me to lay down bullets.

Anyways I ended up about 10BBs which took my lifetime Bodog record to -9BB/100 at $4/8. It also means I have enough on Bodog to take a few more shots at $4/8 when I can find a good table with good position. I might even reload for a bit more next month, as the reload does clear a lot quicker playing a few hands at $4/8. I must also have a look at some other bonus offers and if they're worth taking up since I haven't been doin much bonus chasing lately but rather rakeback/bonuses on my existing sites ... maybe i'll try Noiq with some of the other boys ....

During last night's session I also found the biggest fish I have ever seen. Out of my 42 hands with him, he saw 100% of flops without raising preflop once. His AF was around 0.12 and he went to showdown 76% of the time. With a few massive suckouts though, he was hardly down at all. He was even up by about 30BBs at one stage when he'd carved up one of the TAGs on the table. It was just a pity I had to leave when he still had 15BBs left. They would have been useful in my stack.

Current bankroll: $16,900


rubbish said...

Do you only play if you've got position on someone you don't rate. Don't know if I could sit out whilst watching some fish ship all their dosh to someone else.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Pretty much yes. The only occasional exception if the player on my right is tight passive and the fish is then on their right.

If there's a tag directly on my right, i'll stand up and wait for a better seat. Again the only possible exception there might be if every other player at the table was a fish. Even then i'd think about it, and maybe even wait for one of the fish to bust out to take their seat.

Basically I want to be involved in as many pots as possible with the fish and to do that you need position on them. The other advantage is being able to isolate them.

rubbish said...

I admire your willpower for not getting involved unless all the criteria are in place.
Good luck.

parttimebonuschaser said...

There's always another table worth playin on... even if its on another site.

i figure i'd rather maximise my potential profit and I think being disciplined is part of that.