Sunday, February 22, 2009

Freeroll fun and games

Had an interesting battle to get into my Cake affiliate freeroll over the weekend.

The requirements for a ticket are to earn 500fpps. Problem with Cake is, that it doesn't actually show you how many fpps you have earned.

What it does show you though is that you require a certain number of FPPs to earn gold chips, and to earn 6 gold chips, you need to earn 505 FPPs for the month.

So .. in January I earned 6 gold chips, which means a minimum of 505 FPPs ... right? well apparently not ... i'd only earned 493.5FPPs. How this works, I have no idea, and didn't get a rational explanation.

However, I was provided with a ticket anyways, so big kudos to customer support.

So after my mini battle of emails just to get a ticket, I got up at 6.30am on Sunday morning in order to play the freeroll.

I started off pretty card dead, so must have looked pretty tight folding hand after hand. It wasn't until blinds were 25/50 that I had anything even semi playable so when it was folded to me in the CO with A7o, and with the BB sitting out, I put in a 3XBB raise .... or so I thought. Actually I had misclicked the slider up to 90% of my stack and to add to my horror, the button then came over the top all in for the rest of my chips. At this point i'm getting 20:1 on my money so it would be a mistake to fold practically anything, so I call and he flips over QQ. All is not lost, but its looking pretty grim.

Flop of 578 gives me a few more outs from my pair. Turn of a 9 doesn't help, however a river 6 puts a straight on the board, and we split the pot, so i'm not out due to a nasty misclick. Not much later I receive TT on the button and am facing a small raise by a very loose player in mid position, which I then reraise to kick out the blinds. Flop is 248r and he makes a largeish bet. I've seen him playing some pretty trashy hands earlier so after thinking for a few seconds I decide to just push all in. He snap calls for about 2/3 of his stack in total, and shows 64o ... Turn and river blank so I double up.

I then steal a few more blinds and have everyone fold to AJs in mid position and 99 in early position and suddenly i'm in the top 10, although only with 4,500 chips with blinds heading up to 300/600.

There's about 20 players left with the top 15 getting paid and i'm on the big blind with AJs. The action is folded to the cutoff who has a shortish stack of 2,500 chips and he pushes all in. I um and ah for a bit here. If he's on a pocket pair under 10 i've got a fair chance of doubling up. I'm not sure I'd push with a weak A here but this guy had been a bit loose earlier on. I end up deciding to call as doubling up would actually have put me in the top 4 and given me a shot at the tourney. Disappointed when he turns over AQo - I guess I should have known.

I end up basically folding into 15th and the hand after the bubble bursts i'm looking at A2s UTG and push for my 3BBs. Get one caller in the BB with QJo who picks up his Q on the flop and i'm out .. but still made $100 for my efforts. Since I could easily have been knocked out earlier i'm satisfied with the result - although somewhat regretting my AJ call. That being said, almost everyone was relatively shortstacked to the blinds at that point so I could easily have gone out in the same position anyways.

For the entire weekend I actually got in about 3 hours of play, and mainly through Cake and Bodog I ended up around $300 for my time, which is a significant improvement over the rest of the month. Hopefully it continues.

Current bankroll: $16,750

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