Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looking forward to next month

I am really looking forward to next month, and not really because this month has been relatively poor results-wise, but more for some additional table selection opportunities.

Since i've completed my Interpoker bonus, and raked enough on Ladbrokes for a race position, there's just no point in playing on either of those sites. I've also cleared my Cake bonus, so I rarely play there as well at the moment.

When you throw in my hour of play last night having very few tables worth even sitting down at (including ipoker), hardly any running on bodog, super tight tables on fulltilt, and its quite frustrating only having a single table open.

In the end I threw in a couple of the stars double ups, which I cashed in both. Also managed to actually make a few BBs on Bodog, and could easily have made a lot more, but the two muppets to my right managed to hit a 2 outer twice on the river for 15BB pots. Ack. Surely these fish are going to pay me off sooner or later .... I just need to keep plugging away.

Anyways, bring on next month, so I can also table select from Interpoker and Ladbrokes, and hurry up and give me a reload cake!

Current bankroll: $16,100

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