Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 - start over

Well, as often happens my heater was followed by a nasty cooler.

My two huge fish on my Bodog tables were running the tables completely. One had a VPIP of 85%, WTSD of 55% and W$SD 70% and was over 100BBs up in 100 hands. I was soon down 40BBs.

Take two a few hours later when I got back on for my third hour's play for the day, and a new fish with almost exactly the same stats strips another 25BBs off me in the space of 15 minutes.

Add on my foreign exchange loss of about $50 for the month on Interpoker, and i'm back below my starting 2009 bankroll.

Fortunately the fishes in my last session then paid me back about 30BBs in the next 10 minutes, so not a total disaster, and i'm back to where I started for 2009. Although probably up a little rakeback and partway through my Interpoker bonus.

I also played another William Hill freeroll, where my AK 5BB raise preflop was not enough to scare off 64s. Flop of K52r and he of course calls my all in to turn a 3 and that's me done. I dunno how u guys do tourneys ... i'd be pullin my hair out. Although I guess I was ready to punch someone in my previous cash session when the fish were sucking out every single hand.

Current bankroll: $15,800

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Ukgatsby said...

Happy New Year
gl gl for 09