Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bankroll creeping

Played about 40 minutes yesterday between Bodog and Sun. I'm getting somewhat skeptical on the rakeback rates quoted by Sunpoker, as it seems to be a lot closer to 20% at my VIP level than 30%. (and then double it for the deposit bonus). Might need to flick them an email.

I played up to five tables max in that time, but it was one of those sessions where the fish kept leaving or busting out so i'd have to close tables. I ended up playing on 20 different tables in the 40 minutes which is basically the opposite of when I had my cooler the other day and could stay at each table for hours at a time.

Having to constantly close tables and find new one's though is somewhat distracting for your game (although the HUD makes it manageable), but it means I also don't have much of a feel for how i'm going for the session as each time I close a table it will be effectively adding to or subtracting from my overall bankroll. I guess I don't really see it as that important to know exactly how i'm going during the session. As long as i'm playing well, and table/seat selecting well, I'm confident the results will come in the long term.

This time it was a nice surprise to see at the end of the session when I closed all my tables my bankroll had crept up around $100, and the majority of that was from Bodog. Finally the fish actually gave me some back. As long as they keep doing it for about another 400BBs i'll be back up to expectation.

I also played a satellite freeroll, which was another interesting experience. I decided to play it fairly aggressively, and was prepared to go all in with top pair early hoping to double up. For the first few blind levels no one really played back too much, and I tripled my stack. Then it went a bit pair shaped when my AJ was no match for an A9 short stack with A on the river. I stole a few more blinds to get back into slightly better than terrible shape, when my KQ was then no longer good enough versus a shortstack QJ on a Q high flop. A couple hands later I get AK UTG with only about 4BBs left and push all in. The medium stack in UTG+1 calls me with A4s. He flops a flush. gg. I still dunno how you tourney guys do it ....

Current bankroll: $16,050

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