Thursday, January 8, 2009

Read the fine print .... then hope for the best

I usually read the details of bonus offers pretty closely whenever I sign up to a new deal. The Ladbrokes one though is a bit interesting, as i'm not sure having a sign up bonus precludes me from being in the rake race.

I think I am still eligible, however, won't be counting it as an addition to the bankroll until I actually see it in my account. Will wait and see. Even if I just clear the sign up bonus I should be very close to being on the leaderboard, so might only have to play one extra small session to make sure I qualify for a rake race payment. At the moment I rank comfortably in the top 3,000, although i'm only due for a $100 payment. I could send an email to clarify, but I figure its just as easy to wait and see and hope I receive it, rather than point out a potential reason for them not to pay it out.

I played another freeroll last night - the Sun poker migration freeroll. About half the runners were left and I had a stack of about 1,900 where average stack was a little under 3,000 and blinds were 100/200. I opened all in from the cutoff with AKs, and the button big stack then called quickly flipping over QJs. Obviously he sucks out a J on the flop of JT2r. I turn my A though and suck back out on him. River is a K to hit my two pair but complete his straight for one of his 6 river outs to reresuckout on me. Tournaments ....

I also had a few Ladbrokes cash tables running, and proceeded to get pounded for another 25BBs there. My friendly fish that I had position on seemed to think that 62o was good enough to call a raise from my AA. On a flop of 62J it was. I had a quick check of my stats and i'm running at 40% won $ at show down, which is pretty horrid when seeing only 30% of showdowns. Hopefully I can even it back out in the next session or two, as i'm already 2/3 of the way through my sign up bonus requirements.

A rakeback payment stopped the session being too bad for the bankroll, but it would be nice to have a winning session on the tables some time in the near future.

Good luck for the weekend everyone. Back next week

Current bankroll: $16,000

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TiocfaidhArLa said...

I think that you'll be good for the Rake Race payout. It wouldn't be good PR for Ladbrokes otherwise and it is an extremely popular site.

As for the tourney, yip. Sounds like you both played the hand well. The variance relative to the time investment is a killer live. At least online you can run cash alongside.