Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finding the fish - Wednesday's suck

Played about an hour and a half last night, and is was a huge battle to find some fish to play against.

Not only were there relatively few tables running across Ladbrokes, Bodog, Interpoker and Cake, but those that were tended to be fairly tight, or the vacant positions were to the right of the fish.

I ended up playing mostly $3/6 and a handful of $2/4 tables but rarely got up to having 4 tables open at the same time. I probably should have opened fulltilt as well, like I usually do if I can't find enough fish, but it just didn't occur to me last night. I did play a couple sitngos instead though, but busted out of both of them to the usual 3 outer when my big pocket pair got cracked all in preflop versus a muppet.

On the cash tables, I actually ran pretty well, even though I had to keep closing a table here and there when a fish left, and then had to patiently wait for another fishy table to appear. Several times I found myself down to a single table. I guess midweek is a bad time to be playing online poker - there's a severe lack of fish.

I probably should also sign up to another deal or two to give me some additional flexibility in site choice.

Anyways in total I made about 10BBs on each of the $3/6 and $2/4 tables, although it could easily have been a lot more in a couple big pots, where either I missed a big draw - once had the nut flush draw/oesd draw v two other opponents drawing to the same flush - that would have been a big payout. And a couple other pots where i'd flopped trips and some numpty had drawn to their gutshot on the river after huge action on the flop and turn. A decent turn around though compared to recent efforts. I figure i'm due for a good positive run now though so keep it coming.

Current bankroll: $16,000


rich said...

hi mate, seens as your this big bonus whore :DD, I have £100 to deposit somewhere other than VC, Ladbrooks, Willhill and partypoker (already registered) which site bonus would be best suitable m8? I normaly play micro NL.


parttimebonuschaser said...

Micro NL really cuts your options as a lot of sites won't clear bonuses at that level.

However, I'd probably go with RakeAway - feel free to use my referral link!! (

And sign up on either Betfair or Littlewoods, doing the optimum bonus on either. So deposit $60 if you pick littlewoods for the optimum bonus.

Which site probably depends on what time's traffic peaks and what time you want to play. Check out pokerscout to tell, as both those sites are probably pretty quiet when out of peak times.